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There are a bunch of different types of wood wind instruments that we play and hear today. Some of them are flutes, clarinets, saxophones, tuba, french horn, and so much more! In this wiki, there will be a bit of informations on each instrument.


The original flute, made out of bone, wasn't used just to hear the sweet sound of it. It was used for rituals and hunting, and was originally made out of bone. Later on, however, as the flute developed, it was made out of new materials, such as bamboo and/or wood. Since there was only one key on the older version of the flute, it was very difficult to play, with funky and complicated fingerings. As the flute developed, people started changing the flute, so that it was made of metal and had a bunch more keys, to make playing a lot easier. Find detailed information here (also where I got the information):


Strangely enough, the clarinet does not have much of a history, unlike other instruments.

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